Healing through Sharing

When this blog brain-child was born, Ashley and I wanted to create a space for women who have also gone through pregnancy loss to be able to share their story. We feel that sharing is healing not only for the person who puts their story out there, but also for those who find comfort in reading and realizing they are not alone in their grief.

We understand that our experiences don’t encompass everyone’s personal experience with loss, and so we’ve reached out to any and all who feel comfortable submitting their stories to us. We also understand that a loss at 4 weeks looks vastly different from a loss at 12, 20, or even 40 weeks. This is why we’re turning to you- we would love to borrow your strength and courage for this blog, and be able to offer women new to miscarriage somewhere to find sources of what to expect, relief in having others to share understanding with, and a way to rebuild.

This is the main page, and we will continue to add stories at each stage as they come in to us. 🙂
We love you for being willing to join with us.

4 weeks:

Shannon’s story (3)

Emilie’s Story

5 weeks:

Shannon’s story 

Ashley K’s story

6 weeks:

Brandi’s story

Lisa’s story

8 weeks:

Shannon’s story 2

9 weeks:

Janalee’s story- miscarriage at 9 weeks

10 weeks:

Ashley K’s story

Jana’s Story

11 weeks:

12 weeks:

13 weeks:

Janalee’s story- Miscarriage at 13 weeks

14 weeks:

15 weeks:

16 weeks: