Ashley and I met through my sister in law in 2014ish… maaaybe 2015. The point is we met before we realized we’d become infertility buddies. (An exclusive club all who are a part of wish they weren’t.)
Over the past year we have both found excitement in pregnancies, and grief in the losses of them, usually within a month of each other. We joke that we’re in a horrible synced cycle of pregnancy/miscarriage friendship. We have found solidarity and comfort in knowing we have a friend who understands the absolute rollercoaster of emotions that infertility and pregnancy loss brings, and rather than wallow in our sorrow (although I think it’s safe to say a little wallowing is remedial) we wanted to turn our grief into a space to bring something beautiful into this world: compassion.
We created this blog to invite women who are going through the same struggles to come and find a place to sit and be understood and loved, for family and friends of those who are going through infertility to find comprehension and empathy, and for anyone who would like to find healing in sharing their story to have a place to do so.

Our blog is titledĀ Invisible BattlefieldsĀ because so often these types of trials aren’t seen on the outside. It can be a lonely fight, and a frequently underestimated one. While infertility may challenge us, we believe we are stronger for it. We are beautiful warriors, putting our hearts out there in fragility, hoping to become mothers in some way or another along our journey. With or without biological children- or children at all- we are whole. We matter. We are valued.
This is a place we hope to help others find that same belief.

Hugs, Prayers, and baby dust,
Shannon and Ashley.